Camphor incense sticks - HEM
Camphor incense sticks - HEM

Camphor incense sticks - HEM


Box of 20 incense sticks to burn.

Natural incense to burn, rolled up sure stick by hand. This camphor incense has a bewitching and fresh fragrance. It is appropriate for major purifications and the cleansing of places.


Natural and purifying incense, it diffuses a pleasant fresh and invigorating scent of camphor in your home. Camphor is renowned for its antiseptic and energizing properties, use its incense to give a boost to morale and cleanse the energies of your living or working place. It will help you to have a clearer mind by releasing negative energies, thus bringing a serene atmosphere.

This item is sold by box, each box containing 20 incense sticks. Each stick burns for about 30 minutes.
Our incense sticks are handcrafted in the pure Hindu tradition with essential oils.
Made in India.

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