Fine stones

Obsidian Buddhist bracelet

Multi-row wrap bracelet with obsidian and tiger eye beads, enhanced with silver accents thanks to more discreet beads representing Buddhist symbols.

Medjugorje tenfold bracelet

Tenfold bracelet with natural wooden beads, including olive wood. The beads are decorated with figures of saints, such as the Merciful Christ. The pendant is a clear cross with the name Medjugorje.
This stainless steel bracelet is decorated with effigies of the Holy Protectors. An elegant piece of jewelry symbolizing faith and protection, it features images of Saint Anthony, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Miraculous Virgin and many others.
Elastic bracelet with wooden beads inlaid with silver metal medals of the Patron Saints. We find Saint Michael, Saint Anthony, Christ, the Miraculous Virgin and others. Saints with protective virtues on a jewel trend nature. Model for adults, elastic size.

Bracelet doves - silver 925

Bracelet in real silver 925, fine and delicate, with three pendants with beautiful carved doves. These birds are symbols of peace.  Adjustable thanks to two closing places.  Length: 18 cm. 

Dove Bracelet - silver 925

Bracelet in real silver 925, fine and delicate, with a pendant forming the silhouette of a dove. This bird is a symbol of peace.  Adjustable thanks to two closing places.  Length: 18 cm. 
Elastic bracelet with natural wood beads, which can be used as ten thanks to the smaller beads that serve as markers. The jewel is decorated with an image of the Apparition of Lourdes.  Dimensions of the large beads: 10 mm. 
Bracelet in black braided rope, adjustable size, with a 925 silver pendant, dove shape. Jewel realized in the hand.  Minimum diameter of the bracelet: 12 cm. 
Bracelet with braided leather cords with the medal of Saint Benedict. It is a powerful symbol of protection against evil and malevolent people. Unisex jewelry with adjustable size.  Width: 5 mm.
Black cord bracelet with silver metal beads in the shape of medals of Saint Benedict, symbol of protection. Unisex jewelry, it gives a rock'n'roll effect.  Diameter: 6.3 cm. 

Brown metal cross bracelet

Black cord bracelet with brown metal beads in the shape of a cross. Unisex jewelry, it gives a rock'n'roll effect.  Diameter: 63 mm. 
Elastic bracelet with pearls and cross PAX in mother-of-pearl and roses in gold-plated fancy metal. The pearls make it possible to use the bracelet as ten. Jewel size adult.

Wooden bracelet ten PAX

Elastic bracelet with red wooden beads and PAX cross, can be used as a ten or rosary. Suitable for men and women. Diameter of beads: 8 mm
Bracelet made of black leather with wooden beads, decorated with a cross of the Holy Protectors in silver plated metal. The jewel can also be used as a ten.  Adjustable size, can be suitable for child or adult.  Diameter of beads: 8 mm.  Cross: 20 mm. 

Bracelet gold plated doves

Gold-plated bracelet with a dove. The pendant represents the delicate silhouette of the bird in flight. An aesthetic and bohemian jewel. The snap hook has two closing positions.  Length: 18 cm. 

Marian Apparitions Bracelet

Bracelet with Marian apparitions in pictures on wooden beads, decorated with golden beads. Jewel for adult, elastic size.  Diameter of the images: 1,1 cm. 

Elastic wood tenainier bracelet

Elastic bracelet with wooden beads and cross pendant. The jewel can be used as a ten. Handcrafted, the beads are decorated with ethnic motifs, for a bohemian and natural trend.  Adult size.  Beads: 7 mm. 
Silver-plated metal bracelet also serving as a ten, with the effigy of the Sacred Heart of Mary. Light and delicate, it can be worn on any occasion. The Sacred Heart of Mary is a very strong symbol of unconditional love.  Size of the bracelet : 200 x 3 mm.  Weight : 4,1 gr. 

Ten beads bracelet

This cute little elastic bracelet for adults is also a bit of a good luck charm with all its ladybug beads! Embellished with black beads, this jewelry also has two golden beads that differ from the rest: a cross and a medal.
Elastic thread bracelet with black beads. Accompanied by a small silver charm, this bracelet gives a trendy touch to your wrist. The charm is a hand of Fatma, also called Khamsa, a symbol of protection against the evil eye. Available with matte or shiny beads
Bracelet élégant plaqué or rose
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Bracelet en plaqué or rose. Ce bijou est constitué d'une chaînette à maillons carrés et d'une perle centrale en forme de fleur à quatre pétales sertie de cristaux.  La taille du bracelet est d'environ 180*1 mm (+ 40 mm)
Bracelet with black cords and engraved pearl. The pearl, the main part of the bracelet, is engraved to resemble a flower with multiple petals. The metal parts are all 18K gold plated.  The size of the bracelet is approximately 165 * 11 mm (+ 40 mm)
Fine stone bracelet, agate and white turquoise. The charm contains the turquoise set and gold plated on the perimeter. One of the beads, between the beautifully faceted agate, is set with crystals. In lithotherapy, agate is known to calm anxiety and stress, it is a gentle healing stone.
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