How to choose a colored candle for esotericism?

In the esoteric arts, the color of the candle can have an impact on your intention. That's why we offer this selection guide. However, you should know that feeling is an important part of the choice you make and that these descriptions are general elements. If you are attracted to one color over another, then listen to your inner voice. The important thing is that you feel in tune with yourself and your request.


White - Purity

The white candle is the most classic and most used. White is the color of the divine and the energy of the universe. Used for purification and protection, this candle color amplifies spiritual acts and the power of prayers. This color emits powerful vibrations that are pure, sincere and soothing. 


Red - Strength, Love and Passion

Red candles are recommended for requests for defense against evil forces. Red is a stimulant, strengthening mental strength, energy, will and power in an active way. Ardor, courage, triumph, love are its key words.


Pink - Unconditional love

Pink candles are suitable for requests and prayers concerning love, friendship, tenderness, stable bonds, marriage, family, new encounters or reconciliations... It brings sweetness to prayer, promotes complicity in relationships and consolidates love. 


Yellow - Self-confidence and abundance

Yellow associated with novena candles attracts prosperity, success, fame and popularity by developing self-confidence, charm and luck. It is used for money or job applications, professional or student life for an exam for example. It brings wealth and abundance.


Orange - Energy and creativity

Orange candles are recommended for requests for inspiration, creativity but also for care. Dynamic, energetic, the orange brings good mood, it attracts attention and awakens the senses. Therefore, orange candles are a beneficial support for prayers for a speedy recovery or to support the creation of a project, a work, a company or a business. 


Green - Success and prosperity

"Green, I hope," they say. This is indeed a nice summary of the effects of this color for candles. Mostly advised for requests that concern money such as the recovery of financial assets, the good success of a business or a trade, and the inflow of money, green also has a positive impact for prayers that aim to find, locate lost people or objects. Green candles promote luck, success, telepathy, and repel jealousy, envy and grudges. Green is also a healing color, linked to the archangel Raphael.


Blue - Success and communication

Blue candles are often recommended for administrative matters: to unblock a lawsuit, to solve problems, to be successful with one's business, trade or in the home. People who need serenity, security, understanding, success, hope, trust, loyalty or sincerity are also encouraged to turn to a blue candle for their prayers. Protecting against bad influences, they open up communication. They are, like orange candles, very effective in stimulating creativity and imagination.


Violet - Spirituality

Violet is the color of esotericism par excellence. It helps to develop intuition, clairvoyance, mental and spiritual prowess. Purple candles are recommended for meditation, clairvoyance, concentration and relaxation. It symbolizes power and wisdom. It allows to break unbearable situations and to neutralize, to stop the lies.


Black - Protection

Black candles are very effective protection candles. They repel misfortunes, bad luck, banish evil spirits and neutralize evil. Are you asking for an unblessing or a protection against black magic acts? Black candles are ideal. Driving out bad waves to make room for positive ones, they bring security and appeasement.


Grey - Soothing

Grey candles are the synthesis between black and white. Linked to divine energies and at the same time protective, they symbolize neutrality. They allow to calm down, to neutralize negative influences and difficult situations. Grey candles also bring objectivity. Grey favors the resolution of conflicts in peace and harmony.


Candle Color Guide

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