Om Symbol Pendant - Silver 925
Om Symbol Pendant - Silver 925

Om Symbol Pendant - Silver 925


Pendant with the syllable OM, made of high quality 925 sterling silver with silver plated finish + E-Coat.

The AUM symbol is considered the first sound of the universe and creation, it is a sacred Hindu syllable.

Weight: 0.8g

Dimensions: 11 x 11mm


925 sterling silver pendant with silver plated finish +E-Coat for a shiny and luminous result. Like a round medal, this jewel is pierced with the symbol-syllable OM, also written AUM. It has its origins in Hinduism but is also found in Buddhism and other religions and religious practices. OM represents the primal vibration of the universe, the first sound created everything. If we break it down, A represents the beginning, the birth, the creation; U represents continuation, life and development; M represents the end, death and mourning. We appreciate him for this quality of Everything, this sacredness that he carries within him. It is highly valued by people wanting to connect with the divine energy that connects all things.

Material: 925 silver

Finish: Silver Plated + E-Coat

Silver weight: 0.8g

Coin Size: 11mm x 11mm

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