Obsidian Buddhist bracelet
Obsidian Buddhist bracelet

Obsidian Buddhist bracelet


Multi-row wrap bracelet with obsidian and tiger eye beads, enhanced with silver accents thanks to more discreet beads representing Buddhist symbols.


This multi-wrap bracelet is perfect for a boho style with a touch of magic. This jewelry goes well with dark or cream outfits with the shiny black of the obsidian and the iridescent brown highlights of the tiger's eye. A few silver beads enhance the ensemble with symbols specific to Buddhism and Hinduism such as the Dorje, representing the diamond path, immutability and indestructibility.

In lithotherapy and esotericism, the combination of the tiger's eye and obsidian makes this bracelet an effective ally to protect oneself from negative energies but also to keep the balance in oneself. 

The obsidian dissolves our emotional blocks and strengthens us, roots us, stabilizes us in our moral convictions. Very protective, it acts as a shield against negative energies and harmful influences by creating a rampart around its wearer. For its part, the eye of tiger sharpens our internal vision. Both are anchor stones and connect the soul to the mind and bring us back to earth during advanced meditations.

Jewelry Main material: Natural stone Obsidian and Tiger Eye

Model: Men, unisex, women

Color: Black and brown 

Size: 6 mm - 70 cm long 

Weight: 60 g

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