Pendant Necklace red agate stone

Pendant Necklace red agate stone


Silver plated metal necklace with red agate stone pendant. The red agate is deep red to orange and symbolizes protection. In energetics, it is recognized as effective against fear, to improve blood circulation, to reduce intestinal diseases, to soothe and relieve stress and many other virtues.

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Silver plated necklace with fine stone pendant, red agate.


Zodiac sign : Scorpio

Color : Red

Symbol : Protection

In energetics, red agate is a stone of anchorage. It helps to accept oneself as one is and to have confidence in oneself because it releases negative energies that one keeps in his body. Anti-stress and soothing stone, it is also beneficial for the blood circulation which it fluidifies and for the digestion.

As it is linked to the root chakra, this stone allows to stay more down to earth, to attract abundance and, above all, to protect oneself against negative energies.

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Chain Sizing Guide

The sizes indicated 38 cm are for babies and small children.

From size 40 to 45, we are talking about choker necklaces for ladies. For men, the choker type chains are between 45 and 50 cm.

We advise you, to obtain a comfortable length, to take chains to 50 cm and more for lady and between 55-60 cm for man.

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